Be light of someone's life

Closed the fund at 30K plus... Thanks for all the support extended...

Just extending my support to a wonderful cause of supporting Goonj, a charity for ’Educating the girl child’... This drive started by Anaggh now have a whole bunch of tweeple has tagged in and contributing.

All you have to do is to tweet to us with the hashtag #deepwish and wish us for the diwali.. Something as simple as "@shamz911 Happy Diwali #deepwish", and that wish counts to charity - Rs. 53.75 per tweet..

The contributors -->

@Aneebunee Rs1.00
@Atulkarmarkar Rs2.50
@b50 Rs1.00
@deepakshenoy Rs 2.00
@fartfree Rs1.00
@Gagrin Rs1.00
@gkjohn Rs1.00
@hp_livelife Rs2.00
@iamshishir Rs2.00
@krist0ph3r Rs1.00
@Nichetechie Rs1.50
@Nihang Rs2.00
@PreetChandhoke Rs5.00
@pramodscom Rs2.00
@prolificd Rs1.25
@Rak35h Rs1.00
@s4sukhdeep Rs0.50
@shamz911 Rs3.00
@Shayonpal Rs3.00
@sizzler_chetan Rs1.00
@Sudhiru Rs1.00
@unitechy Rs0.50
@virajj Rs3.00

Rest will be added soon

Support us and spread the news on twitter... Be light of someone's life

  1. finaz December 31, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

    Seems like it turned out to be a pretty good year for you :)