What is in a name???

Posted by Shamrez Zack | 3:23 AM

Hi all... Finally after 8909 days of existence in anonymity, I am penning my first blog and setting my first step in enticing blogosphere..

All this while i have been wondering "how people blog and what would i write if i decide to blog.. as a matter of fact I am still wondering (",)"... Since I have decided to come out of my anonymity, why not start off with my identity..

Shammu, Shamz, Zack, Shamraz, Shamreez, Samraas and Mohammed... I normally turn my head towards the source of voice, whenever one of the above alias is called, though my certificate says that I am Mohammed Shamrez Zack... and i hail from the god's own country (Kerala)... I have to accept that my parents deserved a much disciplined first kid, yes I was as naughty as one can be (many will say that i still am).. I dont intend to bore you more with I, Me and Myself as I want you to come back to my page for my future blogs :)

PS:- those who are ready to bear more of this boredome can write to me - shamz911@gmail.com