Just Four Things

Posted by Shamrez Zack | 2:35 AM

Another tag from Amrit, he has vowed not to spare me on any tags ;)

Work is getting tighter and its really keeping my head & mind clear from blogging... its been weeks since I've blogged and I have 2 unfinished blogs rotting in my draft... Sorry for this and I promise to be back with some interesting thoughts and experiences soon...

Coming back to the tag... Just like everyone else, I am also discovering myself through tags :)

Here we go...

Four jobs you’ve had in your life

- Accountant cum cashier @ my dad's business (I always hated handing over the collection at the end of the day):)
- Professional Cricketer (Domestic Circuit and Junior level - We got paid, hence we were professionals.. LOL)
- Training Consultant in one of the top IT Companies...!!! (A choice made by heart and a job which was close to my heart)
- Operations co-ordinator with a leading Oil & Gas Consultant in Middle east...

Four jobs you wish you had

- Professional cricketer at international circuit.. more than the fame, money and other incentives (read as travel, girls etc..), for the passion I have for the game... I juz love the game...
- A beaurocrat... not a corrupted one, but a one with a heart to help the nation develop...
- Not as a job, but I dream of entering into politics and reason is not any different from the onementioned above...
- Last but not the least, an entrepreneur... (Do I need to mention the reasons???)...

Four movies you can watch over and over again

Only four movies!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm...... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Hmmmmmmmmmm

- Rocky Series
- God Father Series
- Boing Boing
- Khaaka Khaaaka
………………………………there are more for this list!!

Four cities you have lived in
- Chennai (The city was a second home for me...)
- New Delhi (A short stay... I fell so much in love with this city and wish to go back!!! I could have stayed longer, but the personal constraints did not allow me to :( )
- Hyderabad (A shorter stint... Lived every minute of it)
- Doha (This is where I am... Learning and a writing a new chapter of life)

Four TV shows you love to watch

- Every Cricket Match which gets telecasted... (Didnt I mention how much I love this game???)
- News (Its always been informative... now it has become entertaining as well... not to mention the news readers like Sunethra, who keeps us glued to the channel ;))
- Hero Honda Roadies (I just love this show..its engrossing!!!)
- Devils Advocate (Karan Thappar is the best !!!)

Four websites you visit daily
- Without fail..my Blog & my friends' blog!!! :)
- Gmail
- Facebook/Orkut/Twitter
- IBN LIVE & manoramaonline

Four of your favorite foods
Now this one is very unfair! MORE than the list of movies… how can a foodie like me restrict my choices to four??? Sigh !!
- Home Food tops the list.... (Its finger lickin gooooood ;))
- Oriental stuff minus sea food
- Dosa & Chatni from Saravana Bhavan.... I miss it :(
- Hyderabad Biriyani from Hyderabad House (I can travel to Hyd, just to have it) ;)

Four things you won’t eat
- Sea food (Excluding the shelled ones)...
- Any NV which is not halal..
- Red Chillies..
- Ginger... Yuck !!!

Four things you wish you could eat right now

- Chilli Bhajji
- Ice Cream (Preferably butter scotch)
- Kappa
- Water Melon (Just to beat the heat)

Four things in your bedroom
- Bed with mattress (ofcourse..has to be..silly me :))
- Books & Mags
- Wardrobe
- Mobile chargers ;)

Four things you wish you had in your bedroom
- A Sony wall mount LCD TV
- Some more darkness
- Sound proof walls
- Well done and beautiful bathroom

Four things I’m wearing right now
- Well..undies!!! (what a question!!! LOL)
- Brown Pepe T Shirt & Blue Wrangler Jean
- Two silver finger rings
- My Fossil Chronograph

One place I’d rather be right now
London... so that I can witness T20 WC Final tomorrow ;)

One fictional place I’d rather be right now
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ;)

Four people you’d really love to have dinner with
- My family ofcourse
- All my friends across the globe
- MSD... Not to ask why he sent Jadeja ahead of Yuvi... but to congratulate him for taking men blue where they are today...
- The special one ;)

Four things I am thinking right now
- I am thinking about her! (and not going to disclose who that “her” is)
- When am I gonna meet my friends and team again...
- Why did I not pursue my cricket?
- 3 more hours before I can leave office today :(

Four of your favorite things/people
- My family (Mom & Dad, my siblings); My cousins...; My closest buddies – too small a space to mention about them ; The special one ;)
- My Bike !!!
- My Clothes & Accessories
- My country :) (How patriotic na)

Four people I tag
- Prathap (An amazing writer, equally good procrastinator... LOL)
- Neeharika (I know you are busy with studies, but would love to see your answers)
- Kirthi (Claims to be too busy with work)
- Chithira ( Would like to read your answers)
(All of them are in some sort of hibernation for quite some-time and except chithira, others are due to complete previous tags)